It’s that time where we get out into the yard to plant our flowers or gardens.  If you were raised as I was, you may even have the notion of spring cleaning your house!  Ugh!

When Brian and I had our remodeling business I was the one who loved to do the destruction phase of the project.

This past weekend we decided to begin the process of renovating our patio.  How’s that for a spring project. Guess who was chomping at the bit to do the demolition?

Yep, there’s my cat surveying the destruction. Actually, I think she is dreaming of using that pad of dirt as her litter box!IMG_0157

Of course, being the analogy queen that I am, I began to think about this demolition process and how it relates to life.

Sometimes life calls for a bit of demolition before we can put the pieces back together and create beauty.  And, like this patio project, sometimes it will take a while before the finished project emerges.

I’m looking at this rotten piece of wood in the picture. Lovely isn’t it? Yes, there were a few “signs” of decay on the outside, but we had no idea it was this rotten until we began tearing it out.

And guess what, if we had left it alone, it would have just continued to rot inside.  Inevitably the day would come when we would be walking around on it and it would have swallowed us whole!  How’s that for drama!

The more we ignore the seemingly insignificant signs in our life that something isn’t quite right (or stay completely oblivious to them) the more rot and decay will happen on the inside.

God’s refining process in our lives sometimes looks and feels like destruction.  We have to uncover the rot and lay all the pieces out in order to see things more clearly.

Only then can we begin sorting through the things we want to keep and the things we need to throw away.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable and it takes energy and dedication to the process, just as rebuilding this patio will take.

The awesome result of going through this process is that it creates space where we can breathe again.  It unlocks the door for our energy to flow easier because the weight and decay that was keeping us stuck is now cleared out.

And this dear friend is what I am passionate about helping people with through life and Spiritual direction coaching.

I challenge you to think about this analogy as you work through your spring projects.

What are the things that are keeping you stuck? What is decaying in your personal life, your Spiritual life, or your career?

Sometimes all it takes is starting with a simple action step and to help you get started I’ve created a Discovery Tool for you.Tolerations Tool

Discover what’s bugging you and keeping you stuck in your life.  And don’t forget to take advantage of the bonus gift that is included!

Grab your FREE Discovery Tool by clicking on the picture above. Then just enter your name and email and I’ll send it to you.

If you have a friend who you’d like to share it with, please feel free to share this blog with them and they can sign up for it as well. Easy peasy!

Now get out there and find something to demolish!

Till next time,




I am often asked the question, so… uh… you’re a Life and Spiritual Direction Coach? What in the world is that and how does it work? Based on the look on their faces I sometimes wonder if they think I’m going to wave a magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust on them or something.magic wand

Perhaps you are having some of the same questions. So today I am going to dig out my magic wand and tell you a short story. No it’s not a fairy tale, but it is an amazing, true story of how God showed up in one of my client’s life. The cool thing about this story is that it represents the stories of most all of my clients. NOTE: Names have been changed for privacy sake.

Meet Bob: Our first meeting went like this…

Pam: So Bob, tell me some of the things that are going on in your life that you want coaching for.

Bob: To be very honest I feel stuck and unhappy and have felt this way for a while now. I feel like I have lost my way and I really have no idea how to rediscover it. My career has taken over my life and my marriage is burning out. As for God, I’m not sure he’s even there anymore. I need to figure out a way to find balance in it all. I want to rekindle my relationship with my wife and find out where God is in all this. I need to find purpose and passion in my life again. Is my situation something you work with in coaching?

The answer to Bob’s question was YES and below is a brief description of how coaching worked for him.

Our coaching sessions were done by phone because Bob was out of state. I created a customized plan that included exploration of God’s vision, and tools to help Bob discover his Spiritual gifts, passions and strengths. I gave him training to uncover limiting mindsets and beliefs about himself and God. We created an action plan to implement into his daily life that helped him find balance with his career, home and Spiritual life. I helped him learn new ways to communicate effectively and rekindle his relationship with his wife.

Within months Bob saw huge changes in his life.

Am I hearing you say, “Pam all this sounds very serious and that kind of scares me.” Yes we do some serious stuff in the kind of coaching I do. Why? Because it’s core, soul stuff, it’s the kind of stuff that transforms your life. HOWEVER, it’s not all serious. Bob and I had a BLAST seeing God show up and watching his life change right before his eyes. Here, read Bob’s words for yourself…

Bob: My life is totally different today. I am now enjoying the most intimate relationship with Jesus I have ever had. I have learned how to prioritize Him back into my life. My life has changed in so many ways as the direction and purpose for my life has been uncovered! I have learned how to communicate and love my wife the way that she deserves, and treat those around me the way that God intended. I am motivated and am enjoying work, but have prioritized it where it belongs (behind God and family). Coaching and Spiritual Direction has helped me to communicate with God in new ways … has truly helped me to let go, and let God … and has taught me to be able to see His hand at work in my everyday life.

Okay, I’m putting my magic wand back in its holder. See, all that wasn’t too woo woo was it.

I have the most amazing clients and the best job in the world! I am so grateful and honored to be a part of God’s bigger plan and purposefully use who He has created me to be to help people move forward in their lives!

Coaching is a game changer in my client’s lives. It was a game changer in my own life. Because of this, I want to give you an opportunity to experience what it’s all about.

Right now I have a few openings in my coaching practice. So I am inviting you to sign up for a free, get-acquainted session with me. I want you to have this opportunity because I am confident it will be a game changer in your life as well!

All you need to do to get your free, get-acquainted session is sign up HERE and I will contact you with the details. Don’t worry; I will never ever, ever share your information with anyone. I will guard it with my life! Easy peasy!
Here’s the LINK again in case you missed it.
I can’t wait to talk with you!


Oh yeah, I forgot to say… THE END!

center oval vignette

Pam Day in owner/founder of Paths of Discovery Life Coaching.  Pam is committed to helping you transform your life through life coaching and Spiritual direction.

Her passion is to inspire you to wake up to your life! Step out of burn out and infuse each day with new purpose. Discover who God has created you to be and begin pursuing the dream He has created you to do.

Read more about how coaching and spiritual direction can help you find your way back onto your path at:


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I See You

A few weeks ago I saw the movie, “Avatar.”  I know I’m a little behind the times but at least I don’t have my 80’s big hair!

What stood out to me from this movie was the line, “I See You.”  Wow.  How would our lives be different if in every interaction we silently said, “I See You?”  No I’m not playing peek – a – boo.

Here’s a true personal story that helps bring this concept home.  into the depths

A few months ago I was at the liquor store.  Yes I admit I am a wine and beer snob.  After I made my purchase of a lovely bottle of wine, I walked out the door to make my way to my car.

Outside the door sitting on the sidewalk was a lady.  She had some homemade jewelry in front of her that she was trying to sell.  I will be honest and admit in a matter of 2 seconds I made a judgment about her, her jewelry, and the liquor store’s policies. I presumed she was homeless and I was astonished that the store would allow peddling outside their store.

In that moment, I had some decisions to make.

a.  I could turn around, go back inside the store and inquire about their policy. That’s a fancy way of saying I could complain about the woman. However, I wouldn’t do because I’m too chicken.
b.  I could follow the lead of the other of the customers and head straight for the parking lot, sneak behind the cars, and hope that she would not see me. Sadly, this is something I have done on occasion.

But then I heard her voice.  She said, please come look at the things I made.  I felt the nudge; you know that internal nudge from God that says, “Do it”, even though you don’t “feel like it?”  Even though you are “way too busy?”  Even though you have your own “opinions “(judgments) about it?

So, I went over and looked at her stuff. Yes, she really wanted me to buy something. No I didn’t buy it.  Maybe I should have.  But what I did do was talk with her – just briefly – and do you know what she said? Thank you so much for at least looking at me and my jewelry.  In that moment, I knew why God nudged me.  She needed to be seen. 

If we got really honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that we have the need to be seen at some level in our lives.  Perhaps we are trying to gain approval of a parent or friend, or desperately trying to gain the unconditional love of a spouse.

Maybe we are seeking acknowledgement or self-value through our careers, or running around frantically trying to be “super-woman/man.”

I ask you again, “How would our lives be different if we silently said, “I See You? “

What if, every time I got angry with my husband (I know, shocking!) I silently said to myself, I See You.

What if every time I am too preoccupied with my own life or just “too busy,” I took a moment to See.

What if I Saw others without so much judgment or preconceived notions and remembered that God Sees them, and loves them.

What if – and here’s the big one – I could See myself as God Sees Me, through His eyes of unconditional love.

Check out this song, one of my favorites.


Till next time,



Via Dell Amore’

“Pathway of Love”

Four years ago my husband Brian and I had the amazing opportunity to visit Italy for our 25th anniversary.  It was the best getaway I have ever had and was a life changing experience. I want to share with you one of my favorite outings (although every moment was a favorite there!)


 It was a hike between the quaint Cinque Terra villages.  The Via Dell Amore’ section of the hike seems appropriate to share with you this Valentine’s Day.


Here’s the short version of the story. “The Cinque Terre towns were extremely isolated until the last century.  After the blasting of the second train line in the 1920s, a trail was made between the first two towns: Riomaggiore and Manarola. Villagers rarely married anyone from outside their town, so the trail became established as a lovers’ meeting point for boys and girls from the two towns.

Apparently, landslides frequently keep the pathway closed, so I felt really grateful it was open while we were there.  The scenery was unbelievable as was the construction of this path and tunnel.


There is a tradition to take a padlock with you on your trek. Closing a padlock with your lover onto a cable or railing at a lovey-dovey spot, seals/locks your love together.
(read the whole story here)


Best to you and your lovely dovey this Valentine’s Day. Know that you are loved first and foremost by God and by the many people whose lives you touch! Salute’!  (Cheers!)


By the way, if you are looking for me I’m on the first flight back to Italy.  All this reminiscing is making me antsy to go back!

Blog post 2-2-14

God Made Me to Be a Somebody Destined to Achieve Great Things!

Hmmm… What are your first thoughts when you read this statement?

This statement is from the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.  Mr. Wilkinson challenges us to pursue the big dream that The Dream Giver has placed in our hearts.

I’ve been working with this statement in my own life the past few weeks.  Hence the creation of this bookmark in the picture above.  I started out strong, loving the colors and design effects of the background. The first two lines – God Made Me to Be A – were just how I envisioned, straight and bold.

Then I got to the word Somebody.  Hmmm, feeling a little less strong now.  I wanted this word to be a bit different from the rest. Interestingly, I think I unconsciously made it this way because that is so much of how I roll – just a little differently.

As I pressed on, the words destined to achieve – got a bit shaky and wonky.  I think this is telling about how I feel about God using me to achieve great things for Him.  I feel a bit shaky about what this might look like and get all wonky in my head.

That wonkiness is what I call “limiting thoughts” going round and round in my brain.  Thoughts like “Yeah right, seriously? God use me to do great things for Him? My husband calls this “stinkin thinkin” and even wrote a song about it. I know, I know, “way to put in a little plug for Brian.”

I ended up fairly strong though with the words Great Things, albeit a little off kilter. Hey, I’m okay with that!

After all my deep analysis about this silly little tag, I’ve decided to look at this statement the way I believe God sees it.  I’m guessing He could have said this same statement to Moses, Abraham, Paul, Peter – the list could go on.

Insert Darth Vader’s voice here, “Moses, I have created you to be a Somebody, destined to achieve great things.” Moses had the same reactions we have, “Seriously? Do you remember who you are talking to God?  Me a Nobody?”  But in the end look how God used Moses for crying out loud!

Just think if we were to really allow this statement to soak deep into our souls. There is no telling what God would do through us to make an impact on the world for Him.   If you have been reading my blogs for very long, you know I always invite you to do a little coaching with me.  So here’s your chance to take this statement and play the “what if” game.

  • What if you believed that God created you to be a Somebody and has given you a dream to pursue?
  • What if you believed that your dream could achieve great things for Him?
  • What if 2014 was your year to pursue your big dream?  How would your life be different?

If you are ready to take your answers a step further I invite you to check out the 14ers Club – Reaching to New Heights in Your Life.  The courageous climbers that gathered in January are going strong and we are having a blast!

New groups are forming again this month! We will band together for a journey up our metaphorical 14er and explore the dream that God has given each of us.  If you are interested in knowing the details just click HERE or click the clip board below.  Easy peasy!

Sign Up for The 14ers Club

Sign Up for The 14ers Club

Happy Climbing!


Last week’s blog was entitled What’s Your Word for 2014.  Since then, several people have shared their Word. Here are just a few… Initiative, Commitment, Peace, Kneel, Focus, Finding my true purpose, Living life in full color, I could go on and on.  All amazing Words!  Great job friends!

I am greatly enjoying seeing how God is showing up in my life as I put my Word – INTENTIONAL – into action.  I am beginning to see changes even in the smallest things.  For instance, for years now I have been threatening to change banks because the one I have been with grates on my nerves every time I go in it!  I didn’t realize until I actually got this dumb little task done, how much energy it was taking from my Energy Cup. Free E-Workbook

Granted, I’m sure God could really care less about what bank I decide to use, but He does care about where my time and energy are spent.  Why? Because the more energy that is spent on things that don’t really matter the less energy I have to focus on a deeper relationship with Him.

Now that you have chosen your Word, I’m curious, what changes do you see in your daily routines, relationships, career, and Spiritual life?
If you are not seeing how God is using your Word to make changes in your life yet, you may find the following tips helpful.

  1. Ask God to remind you of your Word in everything you do. Then write about how He did this at the end of each day.
  2. Write your Word and catchphrase (if you have one) on a large piece of paper. For you creative types, draw it, paint it, or write a song about it!  Put this in a place where you will see it every day.
  3. Start with something small (like my bank example) and apply your Word.  If warranted, do it every day for one week. Take time after the week is over to notice the changes it has made.  Tweak it where you need to and press onward!

On the other hand, perhaps you have been struggling to choose your Word.  If so, below are a few things you may want to consider. What is My Word for 2014?

Talk to God about it and notice what comes to mind as you talk to Him.

  • Are you are struggling to pick just one Word? If this is the case – great! Try putting your Words together to form a quote, mantra, prayer or picture. Think outside the box!
  • How will your life and thought process be different if you had a Word? Try envisioning the best scenario you can imagine.  Envision the benefits you will get from this Word.
  • Are you procrastinating on choosing a Word?  If so, why?  (Note: Many times procrastination on a regular basis means there may be an underlying fear needing to be addressed.)
  • What, if any, fears or concerns come up when you think about choosing a Word? (I.E. “If I choose, then I am afraid I will be boxed in. That makes me concerned because I don’t want to give up or fail.”)
  • What, if any, limiting beliefs (thoughts that keep you stuck or limit your potential) come up when you think about choosing a Word?  (I.E.” I don’t really deserve a Word that will help me move forward in 2014.  I failed miserably in 2013, so why even try?”)
  • What would happen if you just decided to just choose, and then had some fun with your Word?

If you are still struggling after working through these questions, you may be at a “stuck” place in your life.  I can help you get “unstuck” through coaching if you are ready to jump in with both feet and move forward.  All you have to do is take that first step by making the decision to go for it!  Together we will get you back onto the path that God has waiting for you in 2014.
Till next time…

Blessings, Pam


Here we are, approaching the first full week of 2014.  As I get back into the groove after the holiday season, I wonder how this year will be different.  I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do like the idea of choosing a word, a word to pursue, a word to help remind me of what I want to focus on in my life this year.

Don’t worry, I’m not a person to ask you the tough questions and not ask them of myself! So here it is for all to see, my word  for 2014. ~ INTENTIONAL ~ For me, intentional means thinking and doing what I believe God wants me to do with focus and purpose. I’m using it for all areas of my life, Spiritual, marriage, relationships, career, health etc.  Word for 2014
To help me with my word, I am adding a catchphrase ~ WHAT I DO NOW WILL HELP CREATE MY FUTURE. The future can mean 10 minutes from now or 10 years from now. I realize we cannot totally control our future, but we can control our choices and decisions right now. This concept has helped me tremendously over the years, and I think it goes really well with my word  for 2014.

Here are a few examples……

Spiritual – I am going to be more intentional about spending time in meditation and prayer. Think about my catchphrase what I do now will help create my future. If I choose to focus on this now, my relationship with God will grow deeper in the future.

Health – I am going to be more intentional about eating for a healthy lifestyle. How? When I grab that handful of Oreo cookies, (oh how I love Oreo’s) instead of shoving them into my mouth without thinking, I will think about my catchphrase what I do now will help create my future. This will cause me to pause and focus on the purpose of the desired outcome for healthy eating.

You get the idea.

Now it’s your turn. If you were to give this this idea some thought, what would your word be?  What is the first word that pops into your mind?

If you think about who God has created you to be and how He has designed you, what word pops into your mind?

If you think about what you want your life to look like this year, what word pops into your mind?

Maybe you want a catchphrase, maybe you don’t.  Choose what works best for you.  I would love to hear your word if you would like to share.  Who knows, perhaps the simple act of sharing it will help you or perhaps it will help encourage someone else.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers!

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