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Have you ever felt as if you were standing at the crossroads in your life, wondering which path to choose? I know I have.  Sometimes it can feel like a big adventure and sometimes it’s scares the begeezees out of us. Created by Pam Day Paths of Discovery Life Coaching

Here’s a picture I drew a few years ago that portrays some of my major life choices.  I call it “Standing At The Crossroads.” Behind each path you see in this picture there is a story– my  story. 

I won’t go into great detail here, but the path by the church that you see on the right represents the small minded, legalistic Christian world I lived in.
The path that goes into the forest
was the dark, hopeless, entangled mess I lived in.

The path by the tree and the castle is where I find myself living now.  The tree has the keys to the countless doors that are inside the castle – so many doors, so many opportunities.  And behind the opportunities lie our choices.  

I have noticed, depending on where I am in my journey, that I have 3 default scenarios that I will choose. Can you relate to them?

Scenario #1: I cautiously choose a key from the tree and go into the castle. I find the door, insert the key into the lock, open the door, look inside and see amazing opportunities. 

However, I choose to promptly close the door and run back outside to sit under the tree. This choice was too overwhelming or too scary to walk into and experience.

Scenario #2:  I sit under the tree and ignore the path that leads to the castle. As I sit I start to worry. Then I start to feel anxious and get all crazy in my head.

The keys are dangling in my face, but I push them aside because I feel confused and overwhelmed about which one to choose. Therefore I choose nothing. I sit and sit, get up walk around the tree and then sit some more. I can’t seem to make a choice so I become stressed, burned out and stuck.

Scenario #3:  I confidently choose the key, unlock the door, walk in and bask in the opportunity that is inside waiting for me. While I’m inside I learn new things, meet new people and experience new adventures. I re-align with my purpose and relationship with God. This choice leaves me feeling renewed and energized and moving forward. 

Choices, we have so many and yet sometimes we feel like we have none. It’s a strange paradox.

It all boils down to this… if we are going to walk fully in who we are created to be and do what we are created to do, we have to make a choice.  Sometimes the choice is challenging, scary and downright hard. Sometimes we need support and help to make this choice.

So, here’s your chance to tell us what scenario or what path you have been on lately. Perhaps you have no trouble sharing where you are or maybe it feels scary and uncomfortable.

Who knows perhaps choosing to comment will empower you on the path you are on, and/or propel you towards the path you want to be on. Asking you to step more fully into who you are and out of your comfort zone is what I do and I know you can do it!

Here’s your chance. Confidently grab the key and write your comment below about what scenario or path you find yourself on right now.  Whoo Ahh!

Till next time,


Pam Day is owner/founder of Paths of Discovery Life Coaching.  She is committed to helping you transform your life through life coaching and spiritual direction.  Her passion is to inspire you to wake up to your life! Step out of burn out and infuse each day with new purpose. Discover who God has created you to be and begin pursuing the dream He has created you to do.

Read more about how coaching and spiritual direction can help you find your way back onto your path at- oh and while you are there grab your free copy of the Tolerations Discovery Tool. 




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I am often asked the question, so… uh… you’re a Life and Spiritual Direction Coach? What in the world is that and how does it work? Based on the look on their faces I sometimes wonder if they think I’m going to wave a magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust on them or something.magic wand

Perhaps you are having some of the same questions. So today I am going to dig out my magic wand and tell you a short story. No it’s not a fairy tale, but it is an amazing, true story of how God showed up in one of my client’s life. The cool thing about this story is that it represents the stories of most all of my clients. NOTE: Names have been changed for privacy sake.

Meet Bob: Our first meeting went like this…

Pam: So Bob, tell me some of the things that are going on in your life that you want coaching for.

Bob: To be very honest I feel stuck and unhappy and have felt this way for a while now. I feel like I have lost my way and I really have no idea how to rediscover it. My career has taken over my life and my marriage is burning out. As for God, I’m not sure he’s even there anymore. I need to figure out a way to find balance in it all. I want to rekindle my relationship with my wife and find out where God is in all this. I need to find purpose and passion in my life again. Is my situation something you work with in coaching?

The answer to Bob’s question was YES and below is a brief description of how coaching worked for him.

Our coaching sessions were done by phone because Bob was out of state. I created a customized plan that included exploration of God’s vision, and tools to help Bob discover his Spiritual gifts, passions and strengths. I gave him training to uncover limiting mindsets and beliefs about himself and God. We created an action plan to implement into his daily life that helped him find balance with his career, home and Spiritual life. I helped him learn new ways to communicate effectively and rekindle his relationship with his wife.

Within months Bob saw huge changes in his life.

Am I hearing you say, “Pam all this sounds very serious and that kind of scares me.” Yes we do some serious stuff in the kind of coaching I do. Why? Because it’s core, soul stuff, it’s the kind of stuff that transforms your life. HOWEVER, it’s not all serious. Bob and I had a BLAST seeing God show up and watching his life change right before his eyes. Here, read Bob’s words for yourself…

Bob: My life is totally different today. I am now enjoying the most intimate relationship with Jesus I have ever had. I have learned how to prioritize Him back into my life. My life has changed in so many ways as the direction and purpose for my life has been uncovered! I have learned how to communicate and love my wife the way that she deserves, and treat those around me the way that God intended. I am motivated and am enjoying work, but have prioritized it where it belongs (behind God and family). Coaching and Spiritual Direction has helped me to communicate with God in new ways … has truly helped me to let go, and let God … and has taught me to be able to see His hand at work in my everyday life.

Okay, I’m putting my magic wand back in its holder. See, all that wasn’t too woo woo was it.

I have the most amazing clients and the best job in the world! I am so grateful and honored to be a part of God’s bigger plan and purposefully use who He has created me to be to help people move forward in their lives!

Coaching is a game changer in my client’s lives. It was a game changer in my own life. Because of this, I want to give you an opportunity to experience what it’s all about.

Right now I have a few openings in my coaching practice. So I am inviting you to sign up for a free, get-acquainted session with me. I want you to have this opportunity because I am confident it will be a game changer in your life as well!

All you need to do to get your free, get-acquainted session is sign up HERE and I will contact you with the details. Don’t worry; I will never ever, ever share your information with anyone. I will guard it with my life! Easy peasy!
Here’s the LINK again in case you missed it.
I can’t wait to talk with you!


Oh yeah, I forgot to say… THE END!

center oval vignette

Pam Day in owner/founder of Paths of Discovery Life Coaching.  Pam is committed to helping you transform your life through life coaching and Spiritual direction.

Her passion is to inspire you to wake up to your life! Step out of burn out and infuse each day with new purpose. Discover who God has created you to be and begin pursuing the dream He has created you to do.

Read more about how coaching and spiritual direction can help you find your way back onto your path at:


Please feel free to forward or share with your friends.  See below.  Thank you so much!

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Blog post 2-2-14

God Made Me to Be a Somebody Destined to Achieve Great Things!

Hmmm… What are your first thoughts when you read this statement?

This statement is from the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.  Mr. Wilkinson challenges us to pursue the big dream that The Dream Giver has placed in our hearts.

I’ve been working with this statement in my own life the past few weeks.  Hence the creation of this bookmark in the picture above.  I started out strong, loving the colors and design effects of the background. The first two lines – God Made Me to Be A – were just how I envisioned, straight and bold.

Then I got to the word Somebody.  Hmmm, feeling a little less strong now.  I wanted this word to be a bit different from the rest. Interestingly, I think I unconsciously made it this way because that is so much of how I roll – just a little differently.

As I pressed on, the words destined to achieve – got a bit shaky and wonky.  I think this is telling about how I feel about God using me to achieve great things for Him.  I feel a bit shaky about what this might look like and get all wonky in my head.

That wonkiness is what I call “limiting thoughts” going round and round in my brain.  Thoughts like “Yeah right, seriously? God use me to do great things for Him? My husband calls this “stinkin thinkin” and even wrote a song about it. I know, I know, “way to put in a little plug for Brian.”

I ended up fairly strong though with the words Great Things, albeit a little off kilter. Hey, I’m okay with that!

After all my deep analysis about this silly little tag, I’ve decided to look at this statement the way I believe God sees it.  I’m guessing He could have said this same statement to Moses, Abraham, Paul, Peter – the list could go on.

Insert Darth Vader’s voice here, “Moses, I have created you to be a Somebody, destined to achieve great things.” Moses had the same reactions we have, “Seriously? Do you remember who you are talking to God?  Me a Nobody?”  But in the end look how God used Moses for crying out loud!

Just think if we were to really allow this statement to soak deep into our souls. There is no telling what God would do through us to make an impact on the world for Him.   If you have been reading my blogs for very long, you know I always invite you to do a little coaching with me.  So here’s your chance to take this statement and play the “what if” game.

  • What if you believed that God created you to be a Somebody and has given you a dream to pursue?
  • What if you believed that your dream could achieve great things for Him?
  • What if 2014 was your year to pursue your big dream?  How would your life be different?

If you are ready to take your answers a step further I invite you to check out the 14ers Club – Reaching to New Heights in Your Life.  The courageous climbers that gathered in January are going strong and we are having a blast!

New groups are forming again this month! We will band together for a journey up our metaphorical 14er and explore the dream that God has given each of us.  If you are interested in knowing the details just click HERE or click the clip board below.  Easy peasy!

Sign Up for The 14ers Club

Sign Up for The 14ers Club

Happy Climbing!


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Merry Christmas to you!  I know we still have a week to go, but it never hurts to say it early.  As I look towards Christmas Day I find myself reflecting on 2013.  There is so much to be grateful for, one of which is you!  Thank you for reading and commenting on my “musings” over the years!

Here are just a few highlights from my year. I know this time of year brings much joy, but I also know for many it also brings heartache. Below are 3 Christmas posts that I hope will bring you encouragement, peace and perhaps a laugh or two. Mostly, I hope you will come away with a deep knowing of how much God loves you!

In February Brian and I went to Nashville to record his first CD. It was an amazing experience and we are so grateful for the opportunity. Many thanks to those who supported us through prayer and sponsorship.

The Tracking Room Nashville TN

In May we had the CD release party!  We had a blast spending time with many friends and family! Check out Brian’s music page HERE.


These Hands that are Holding You.

These Hands That Are Holding You

T’was the Day of Christmas

"Twas the Day of Christmas"

Everything I’ve learned, I learned from Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerEverything I’ve learned, I learned from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Blessings to you this Christmas season,


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Handies Peak

If you have ever climbed one of the majestic 14,000 foot mountains here in Colorado you know what an amazing and challenging experience it is. Several years ago I climbed Handies Peak in southern Colorado. I actually climbed it twice. Here I am with my husband Brian just inches from the top. What a view!

When you climb a 14er you have to get a very early start to your day. Why? Rain and lightning in the afternoon. It is a bit frightening to experience lightning when you are at 14,000 feet.

Then there’s the issue of what time of year to go. Here in Colorado we only have a small window of opportunity to climb. Typically it is approximately one month in the summer. Why? Snow, lots of snow. I have trekked through snow fields while climbing these mountains and it is sometimes impossible to find the trail. The challenges sometimes leave you feeling a bit disconcerted about why in the heck you are even on the mountain in the first place!

However, when you get to the top, you know exactly why you accepted the challenge. The view is amazing and the feeling of accomplishment is huge!

Do you feel a metaphor coming on? You guessed it right! I’m telling you this story because I am thinking about the New Year – 2014. I’m thinking about what new heights I am asking God to take me to. I want to make 2014 a year to climb high!

How about you? Are you ready to give yourself permission to take a window of time in your life to climb to new heights? Are you ready to brave the rain, lightning and snow – if it comes?

If your answer is yes or even a maybe, then I am offering you an opportunity to put action to your words. In January 2014, I am starting The 14ers Club ~ Reaching to New Heights in Your Life. Below are a few things you will get from begin involved in this club. However, there is much more to come!

  • An opportunity take your “big dream” off the shelf. You know, that dream you stuck on the shelf in the back of the closet a year or more ago? Just think what it would be like if you took it out, dusted it off and began putting intention towards it! Are you getting excited? I am!
  • An opportunity to listen and learn more about what God has in store for you to make His dream for your life a reality.
  • An opportunity to share that dream in a safe environment. If you have never belonged to a coaching group/club before, you will be amazed at the level of support, accountability and wisdom you will be able to offer and take away.
  • An opportunity to get professional coaching from me. Aside from me being your biggest fan, I will coach you in putting accountability, intention, strategy and action steps to making your dream become a reality.

Okay, I can hear some of you saying, “This sounds great Pam, but I don’t have a big dream.” No worries! I will help you discover that dream or goal! There is so much more I will share that with you in the coming weeks. For now I am simply asking this…

  •  Does this idea stir some excitement in you?
  •  Are you willing to give yourself permission to take a window of time to commit to climbing higher?
  •  Are you willing to give your best during the easy part and the challenging part of the climb?
  •  Are you willing to support your fellow climbers through the easy and challenging part of their climb?
  •  Are you willing to do the training needed to get ready for the climb?
  •  Are you willing to play and have FUN on this climb?

If you are interested, I am asking you to contact me as soon as you can. There is no obligation at this point. I’m not going to hunt you down when the group starts.

I need to know your interest because this club is kind of an “elite” club. There are a limited number of spaces. Why? Because of the amazing value and results you will get from this particular type of small group. This club is not for the faint of heart. It will take courage, commitment and stamina, just like climbing that mountain. Just think what it will be like when you reach the top! You will be amazed at the view!

Let me know your interest by clicking on the clipboard below or follow this link. http://tinyurl.com/ln5krxk

This will put you on the “interested list.” If you have questions please feel free to send me an email. Again, there is no obligation and your contact information is safe with me. I look forward to climbing high with you in the New Year!Sign Up for The 14ers Club - Reaching to New Heights in Your LIfeBlessings,



If you would like to be the first to get news, updates on events, free stuff, and products please click the button below.  To say thank you, you will receive my free E-Workbook – How Full is Your Cup.  How Full is Your Cup Icon 2

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Why is it that the holidays can bring out the best AND worst in us; especially at family gatherings?  It’s not that we don’t love and care for them, because we do. It’s just that weird dynamic that sometimes happens and then makes us get all wonky.  Hmmm, is that a word? I know all you wordsmiths are cringing. www.pathsofdiscoverylifecoaching.com

Last month I worked with a client who was feeling this way about being with her family during the Thanksgiving holiday.  She was NOT looking forward to it, but in the end she ended up having one of the best Thanksgivings ever.  Woot Woot!

Below are 10 tools that she and I have been working on and she put them to use during this holiday.  Much of it is about how we choose to deal with our expectations, mindset and perspective. Yes, I said choose, we do have a choice.

Tip # 1  Be thankful.  I know, how appropriate given this time of year! Seriously though, set your mind in thankfulness and gratitude. Thank God for the person or situation who is “challenging.” Look for small gifts each day to be thankful for and give that thanks to God.

Tip #2  Live in the present.  Stay in the moment.  Be conscious and aware.

Tip #3  Remember the book The four agreements. Don’t take things personally.

Tip #4  Show up who you want to be.

Tip #5  Look for ways to show Gods love.  Do or say things that show kindness. Even if it’s just a small thing like saying thank you for the meal, or sending a thank you card afterwards.

Tip #6  Put yourself in the other persons shoes.  Try seeing their perspective from compassionate eyes and heart.  Realize that we all see things for our own perspective, which manifests our reality and the way we run our lives. Also, remember the saying people do the best they can with the knowledge and awareness the have at the time.

Tip #7 Give yourself permission to set boundaries.  Take a break if you need it. Get off by yourself and get grounded again. Remember, you have nothing to prove.  You are on your own journey, they are on theirs. You are taking responsibility for your stuff and not care taking their stuff.

Tip # 8 Talk to God continually and ask Him for what you need. Let your family see that there is a change in you and that change is what God is doing in your life. Think abundantly vs. scarcity. Positive vs. negative.

Tip #9 Look at this time with family as an opportunity vs. a challenge.

Tip #10 One last thing, don’t forget to BREATHE!

BONUS TIP:  DO SOMETHING TO MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY FUN! Be silly, do something out of the ordinary, build a snowman… you get the idea.www.pathsofdiscoverylifecoaching.com

Here’s to the best holiday season ever! Cheers!



P.S. If you haven’t taken advantage of my free E-Workbook – How Full is Your Cup, please do.  It will give you many more useful and practical tools to help fill your energy cup this holiday season.  Just click on the blue button on the top right-side of this page.  Thank you!

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A few months ago my Mom and I took a class on how to create tags with Tim Holtz distressed inks.  This was where I first heard the term, “Art Journaling.”  I was intrigued with the idea and since then I have been following blogs by a few amazing artists, Valerie Sjodin and Contadina K  After months of oohing and aweing at their blog posts, I decided to take the plunge and make an art journal of my own.

My motivation was my Mother’s 75th birthday.  I’m so grateful that she is doing well and we were able to spend another year together.  I decided to start the journal by asking her for some of her favorite scripture passages, then went to work.

What I didn’t realize was how much I needed this creative outlet during this season in my life.  I’ll tell you more about that in another post.  For now, know that if you are going through a challenging time Spiritually, emotionally, or physically, you may want to consider making some space in your life to be creative.  It’s therapeutic and allows your brain and body to slow down and be still in God’s presence.

Here are a few pictures of the art journal.

Art journal created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.comArt Jounral created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.comArt Jounral created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.comArt Jounral created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.comArt Jounral created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.comArt Jounral created by Pam Day www.coachpamday.wordpress.com

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