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Sometimes it can be challenging to know what God’s vision looks like in our lives. Vision and dreams change. They ebb and flow and sometimes they die. Sorry, don’t mean to be a negative Nellie.

What do you do when your vision, your dream dies, changes or fades so far into the background you can’t see it any longer?  I know for me I usually end up wrestling with God about it. I’m stubborn that way.

I have to once AGAIN get to a point of surrender to God’s sovereignty and trust that He knows what He’s doing.

Sometimes that takes time. But once I get there, I begin to feel God’s peace. I like to call it FLOW. When we are in a state of flow the ideas and creativity will begin to emerge once again.

I like to use several different creative modalities to help me begin to dream again.

1. The tried and true – Vision Board. I just finished mine today. I used several different techniques this time – art journaling pages, tag, and mandala I created and photos from cards and magazines. If you’ve never tried working with a Vision Board, I encourage you to give it a go. Just let you intuition and the Holy Spirit guide you.


2. Another exercise I’ve been working with is journaling and using Helen Cepero’s book Journaling as a Spiritual Practice. The exercise I found most helpful so far was the Personal Compass exercise.

She asks you to picture yourself standing in the center of your personal compass and look South – to your creativity, West – to your past, East – to your future, and  North – to God’s guidance. She asks questions to get the thoughts flowing. There’s much more to it than that, but that’s the basic concept.

Check out her book to get the full details. http://helencepero.net/?page_id=74

I will probably get my drawing and painting tools out next!

What methods or techniques do you like to use to get ideas for your vision flowing?

Peace to you on your journey!

Till next time,












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My journal entry this morning was like many other mornings.  I wonder if God ever says, “Do we really have to discuss this yet again?”  My entry goes something like this.

“Father God, I’m worried today.  I feel anxious about the upcoming events and how they are shaping our finances, career transitions, health etc.”  Then I proceeded to talk – blah, blah blah – about how I can’t see how everything will work out.  It makes me feel fearful and vulnerable.  While verbalizing my feelings to God, I realized I didn’t feel anything like I would have, had these life situations happened five years ago.  Whoo hoo, growth!  I am so thankful for it!  So to answer the question, no, He doesn’t get tired of discussing it!

I made the decision to lay all this worry down (AGAIN) at God’s feet.  (Yes, we do have a choice!) When I do this, often times I will see a picture in my mind of myself in front of God, taking the burden and laying it at His feet.  That load usually looks like a large black blob or box.  Interesting, that is telling about how it feels when I carry it around.  I laid it down and Psalm 23 came to mind.  I love The Message version below.

“God, my shepherd!  I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows; you find me quiet pools to drink from.

True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.Sheep- Paths of Discovery Life Coaching

Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side.
Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure.

You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies.  You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing.

Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of GOD for the rest of my life.”

I got to thinking about this analogy of the Shepherd and His sheep. I think God is giving us a picture of how He wants our relationship with Him to look like.  Most of us do just fine planning out our lives, sticking to our busy schedule, making a living, forming friendships, handling everyday issues.  We live life with little dependence on God for these everyday things.

However, when the big stuff hits, losing our job, divorce, serious health issues, death, bankruptcy, we come running to God desperately asking for help.  I think Jesus is trying to tell us in these verses that if we can get to a point where we are totally dependent and trust Him for the everyday stuff, food, water, housing, safety, then when the big stuff hits, it may not feel so overwhelming.

How you ask?  I think it’s a life long journey to get to this kind of complete trust, but here is one small step to take.  After reading Psalm 23 this morning, God gave me this picture.  It calmed my worry and confirmed once again that He is there and taking care.  Maybe it will help you too.

I am that sheep in the green meadow.  I am laying there in the lush grass, munching away not worrying if there will be any grass for food tomorrow.  I’m basking in the sunshine, rolling around on my back feeling totally peaceful, safe and provided for.  My mind is not filled with thoughts about where the Shepherd is going to lead me next because I trust Him to guide the way.  I don’t worry if there will be enough food, water or shelter on the journey to the next place because finding these things are top priority for Him.  I don’t worry about “the wolves” trying to destroy me along the path because He will protect me.  However, I do keep my eye on my Shepherd.  He moves me around from pasture to pasture quite frequently so I don’t want to lose sight of where He is. I don’t want to be left behind, fending for myself because it’s much harder and causes way too much anxiety!

Simply put, the Shepherd’s job is to take care of His sheep (me & you.) He loves His job and the sheep are His top priority. My job, as the sheep, is to keep my eye on Him.  Follow when He moves, trust Him to take me to the place that is best for me, and don’t worry about it!

It’s your turn.  If you’ve been worrying about something, try putting yourself as the sheep in these verses.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your experience.

Till next time,


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Snakes… I’m doing my best to have a good attitude about my garter snake issue this year. I am even going so far as to try to come up with a riveting analogy or metaphor or something to apply to my life. Hmmm…

Here’s the deal.  I am sure I am not the only one who has a family of garter snakes in their yard every spring. I know all the marvelous things they do, so please no comments. I know there are many of you who wish you had garter snakes instead of the enormous, venomous variety you have in your part of the world. http://pathsofdiscoverylifecoaching.com

Here is my plight. Every year they nest under my deck in the backyard. Not a huge deal, but it becomes a bit unnerving when I step out onto the deck and up they come, bobbing their heads between the slats. Ok, I just saw one head bobbing, but I know there are more under there just waiting their turn. This is slightly a bigger deal, but not a deal breaker. I know they need a place to live too.

However, the deal breaker was when I accidentally stepped on one in my FRONT yard. I forgot that they like to lay right by my front steps as well as my back deck. Stepping on him was a bit much. I began to imagine he was chasing me around the yard, just for the fun of it! Off to the store to buy snake away repellent.”

On this lovely Memorial Day morning, I decided to drink my coffee and have my quiet time on my back porch. Guess what? There he was all cozy under the warm deck, sunning away. I secretly wish he would get a nasty sunburn!  Some snake repellent that was. Well, I didn’t cave and leave, and of course he didn’t either. Are you asking yourself yet, “why in the world do I care about Pam’s ridiculous snake story?” Well, I’m guessing you don’t, but I hope you get a laugh out of it.

I can’t even come up with the riveting analogy I spoke of earlier. However, maybe this mantra will tie this post together with some stretch of the imagination. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I wrote about this in a post last year. Here is an excerpt. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If we want our lives to expand and live “fully alive” in God’s design we have to get used to feeling uncomfortable.”

Why? What is the benefit? Trust. I don’t know about you, but trust is a big deal in my life. Trusting God can be challenging too. But for me it has been the single most thing that has transformed my life.  Learning to deeply trust God (and believe me I am still learning) has led to witnessing miracles, having a deep sense of purpose and experiencing a peace that really does pass all understanding.

Our human nature is to try with all our might to fully control our life. We make a plan, stick to it and measure our worth and who we are by the success we have accomplishing said plan. All this paints the illusion that we are safe and secure.  Therefore we feel, “comfortable.” Why then, would we need to trust in something bigger than ourselves? Something, someONE who asks us to be willing to step outside of that comfort, that so called “safe zone?”

Why? Because, the outcome is completely worth the discomfort. Would I have it any other way? Well, maybe I’d like to have the snake leave, but I digress… If I give this some thought and reflection over what God has done in my life over the past few years, I would have to say, “No, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Learning to really trust that someONE (Jesus) unlocks those doors that keep our hearts closed, thus keeping us from being all we are designed to be.

How about you? Are you willing to take on this mantra and get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Are you willing to take that risk and begin to learn to trust God?

Till next time, happy snake season.


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I know I’m opening a can of worms here so here goes…

How do we continue to believe that God is good, He is sovereign, and He is faithful when evil abounds? I’m guessing these questions have been around since the beginning of time.

I was discussing this topic with a friend the other day. We voiced our opinions, deliberated, and analyzed. What did we come up with? Not much! We all have our views, beliefs, experiences, education and theology. It seems like each of us have this internal force within that wants to be right and have everything all figured out. I think it makes us feel better if we can pin an explanation on why situations happen.

When we can’t see, when we can’t understand we come to what I call a crisis of belief. Can we give up our need to be right, to have all the answers and choose to trust? I don’t know about you, but when I’m really honest, I am sometimes a little shaky with my answer. I’d love to jump up and say, “Yes, yes, I always have 100% faith and trust that God is sovereign and knows what He is doing. I believe He is always good and brings good out of every situation.” Sadly, I don’t always have that confidence.

Below is a scenario to ponder. It’s from the book The Shack by William P Young, my paraphrase.

MP900399041What if you were put in the position to be the Judge of the human race, especially those humans who commit heinous and evil acts? You might say, bring it on, I have no problem with that. But wait; there is another person you are to Judge. That person is God. Why? Because He is the one who started it all right? He created Adam and therefore the human race. He created those people who commited those evil deeds. Isn’t He the one to blame, who isn’t to be trusted? If you can so easily agree that God is to blame then you should be able to easily judge the world.

There’s more… what if you have 2 children. Because you are the Judge, you have to choose one child to go to heaven and one child to go to hell. How would you choose? Maybe you would send the child who doesn’t give you problems, the one who is kind and thoughtful, to heaven. And the one who is the “black sheep”, who keeps you up at night crying and worrying, this one should go to hell. Impossible? Isn’t this what you believe God does even though He loves and knows each person He created so much deeper than we could ever know our own children?

So how about it, which child of yours would you choose? I’m guessing that you couldn’t choose that you would refuse to choose because you love each of them deeply. Even if one is “bad” and one is “good.” But what if you were forced to choose? What would you do? What if you refused to choose and chose to go in their place? Isn’t that what Jesus did for each of us, the “bad” and the “good?”

So how can a loving God let bad things happen? Again, there are no answers that will fully satisfy us. But, have you ever thought maybe He isn’t sitting up there just watching it all go by? Maybe He isn’t the dictator that we imagine Him to be? Have you ever thought He might be crying for His child who has gone astray, who has turned against Him and followed evil? And how His heart breaks for those whose lives have been turned upside down because of evil?

I think that’s the crux of it all. God is inherently love and because of this He does everything out of love. Even if we can’t’ see it, feel it, believe it or fathom it.
Can we trust this kind of love? It’s up to you, you get to choose.



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HOME:  Two months and 5,000 miles later Brian and I completed our Fall Tour and pulled into our driveway with the 5th wheel RV (or as Brian’s family so fondly named it, the Taj Maha-ha.  I think this must be something off of Veggie Tales.)  We started in Colorado and ended our Tour in Alabama.  Check out the route here.   Fall Tour Route  What a journey it has been!

Brian has been blogging frequently about the details of the Tour.  If you are interested, please go to his BLOG.

I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for praying for God to show up in people’s lives.  This was amazingly evident at every concert and we were astounded at the way He touched so many.  We felt extremely humbled and honored to have been a part in experiencing His work in other’s lives.  Thank you for praying for us while we were away.  God’s provision for safety, health and finances were abundant.

Thank you to those of you who hosted concerts & allowed us to park the Taj Maha-ha in your driveways.

Fall Tour 2012

The Taj -Maha-ha on Tour in Iowa

Thank you for feeding us abundantly (yes, we are on diets now.)

Thank you for those who contributed to our Tour Expenses and CD Project.  We saw God’s hands and feet in action through your generosity, kindness and love.

There are several things that we took away from this experience.

  •       God will use anyone who is willing to fully trust Him and let go the outcome.
  •       God will show up in His own way, in His own time. He does not work within a “box” nor does He follow a “5 step plan.”
  •       God is sovereign.  Sometimes His plans feel confusing and are difficult.  However, He promises to bring good out of these times if we are willing to see it.
  •       Striving, over planning and trying to control will only produce anxiety and stress.  It will thwart the ability to hear the Holy Spirits voice.
  •       If we will let go of our own agendas and get out of the way we will experience God and see Him work miracles.

Some of the miracles we were privileged to be a part of were:

  •       A deep bonding of family during the passing of Brian’s brother.
  •       Hearing stories of heartache of people who were going through difficult times or hearing stories of joy in how God brought them through to the other side.
  •       Talking and praying with men and women who during the concert experienced God in a way they never had before.
  •       Caring for those who were tormented in their mind and body; and having the privilege to witness the Holy Spirit flood their soul with peace and freedom.

We feel honored and humbled. We know that God is not finished with us and has much more in store in the months ahead.  Our next step is to share our concert locally and across Colorado. If you or someone you know would like us to come to your area, please contact us.  We would be grateful for your help.

We will be sharing our concert again and want to invite you to come.  It’s on Sunday, November 25th at Faith EPC at 6:30 here in Loveland.  Below is one of the songs we will be singing at the concert.   

Thanks for following along!

God’s blessings on your life,



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Fall Tour

Captian’s Log 00001. StarDate 2012.8.26 “To seek out new life and new civilizations.  To boldly go where no man has gone before!”  La, laaaa, la, la, la, la, la laaaa.

After taking care of the final details of packing “The Enterprise”, Brian and I jumped into the captain and co-captain’s chairs to venture off into galaxies unknown.  Okay, so they are known, but sleeping in the galaxy of the Wal-Mart parking lot in North Platte, Nebraska was pretty unknown to us!

We arrived at the home of our friends Dave & Marilyn Sehi in Clearwater, Nebraska on Monday.  They were our gracious hosts who allowed us to land “The Enterprise” under some beautiful old cottonwood trees on their farm.  They were also responsible for coordinating our first 4 concerts.  Thank you Dave, Marilyn, Barbara and Father Kramper!

Fall Tour - Sehi's

Fall Tour

We had a great time connecting with the lovely people at the library in Tilden on Tuesday evening and St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Ewing on Wednesday.

The presence of God was evident as we listened to several people share their hearts with us after the concert.  One person comes to mind who shared about her struggle in her own marriage and how she could relate to the part of our story about living up to everyone’s expectations in an attempt to look “perfect.”  Another simply said, “You touched my life tonight.”   We believe that God will continue to touch many others, whether we hear it from them or not.  We are so thankful because this is our prayer and purpose of this tour.

At the concert, God prompted Brian to talk about the turns in life that happen and the choices we have in how we respond to them.  That next morning we received shocking news that Brian’s older brother Dave, had passed away.  When “life” throws us into one of these turns we gain new perspective.  We get a glimpse about what truly is important.  There are no words that can “fix” things or help us understand the “whys”, when we are experiencing this part of life.   The only thing we can do is surrender to God’s love and lean into Him.

Dave was a man who loved his family well.  He lived a life full of love and service to others.  He made a significant impact in many lives. His absence will leave a huge hole and he will be deeply missed.  Dave got to join his Father in heaven early and I can only imagine the amazing welcome and celebration that he received.

Our tour is on hold for now, as our priority & desire was to travel to Iowa to be with Brian’s family.  If you think about it, please pray for Dave’s family, his parents, and siblings.   Thank you for your support and prayers.

Until next time…


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I haven’t blogged in a while.  Maybe you have noticed, or maybe you haven’t. My focus has been elsewhere this spring and summer.  Opportunities for new adventures seem to be popping up around every corner.  If you have been following Brian’s (my husband’s) blog On the road again you probably already know a little about the adventures I am referring to.

If you aren’t following his blog, here’s the short version.  He and I are going on Tour for 2 months this fall.  As if going across the world to Nepal in February wasn’t enough of a faith builder, we are now asking for more!  We will be heading to the Midwest and south sharing music that Brian has written and our story.

Am I excited?  Yes!  Am I grateful for the opportunity?  Yes!  Am I learning new things? Oh yeah.

Why are we telling our story?  I don’t have an answer that really makes sense other than -we feel prompted to.  God has given us experiences in our lives, the good, bad and the ugly,  (don’t worry it won’t be too gory) and He is asking us to share them with others.  Why?  We don’t know other than He is asking. What we DO know is that He has a plan for it.  Our hope is that it will offer hope and encouragement to people’s lives.

Does it feel comfortable?  Heck no.  I get nervous every time I get in front of people to sing and play keys or djembe.   I get nervous when I speak in front of people.  I know, this is just my ego trying to take over.

I feel uncomfortable when I think about the what if’s.  You know those things that come up that are clearly out of your control, and there is really no way to figure them out but you try anyway? For example, what if this Tour is a disaster or failure?   What will happen if we don’t get enough bookings?  Will we have work when we get home?  I could go on, but you get the idea.

So what’s the answer?  I know it sounds churchy, & cliché but honestly it’s the ONLY answer I have ever personally experienced that works.  Trust God, let go, trust God, let go, repeat, repeat, repeat.  I could never plan enough, have all my ducks in a row enough or have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed enough.  Why?  Because God doesn’t need me to do any of it, He will take care of it all when & if I allow Him to.  That’s what faith is, trusting in what I can’t see.

I heard a saying one time that has stuck with me.  Get comfortable in the uncomfortable.  If we want our lives to expand and if we want to live “fully alive” in God’s design we have to get used to feeling uncomfortable.  Some people say we are nuts.  That’s ok, we kind of are.

So where’s the evidence of this Trust?  How is God showing up?  Below are just a few of the things that He  has done already and I know we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

  • Sixteen concerts booked to date.
  • Provision of a truck and trailer to live in while we are on the road.
  • Funds coming in from out of the blue to help with trip expenses.  Note:  We have not asked anyone but God to provide the funds we need to do this Tour.
  • Four people hosting practice concerts before we leave.
  • Inspiration for 2 new songs being written by Brian.
  • Encouragement that goes beyond words from people we hardly know.
  • Provision for caretakers for our house is in the works.
  • Plenty of work right now for Brian in remodeling and myself in life coaching and cosmetology.
  • Healing for a friend who has cancer.

That’s what Faith can do!  Here’s a song that says it well.  Enjoy.  Till next time…


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